About Us

Midtown Candle Co is a Canadian luxury home fragrance brand located in Toronto, Ontario. Founded out of our love for candles, our collections were created from our passion to design a sensory experience within one's own personal space. The scents we offer transport our customers, bringing back special memories while also creating new ones. 

Our contemporary design ensures that our candles will blend with any decor aesthetic. Offering candles for all fragrance preferences (clean, floral, fresh, food based) and made in small batches of no more than 4 at one time; our hand poured, hand crafted candles are all made with only the highest quality & attention to detail.

Our Wax

Our candles are made with high quality and clean burning Parasoy blend vegan wax. This smooth & creamy wax is created with a 52% soy & 48% paraffin.

Our Wicks

Natural wood wicks that are easy to burn with no black smoke and allow for a longer burn time.

Our Fragrances

We use paraben free premium scents that have all been tested to ensure a beautiful fragrance to fill your space while not overpowering your senses.

Our Jars

Our main product is a 7oz recycled jars with a copper lid. We have also introduced a 10.5oz jar which is made to order.

Our Candles Names

Candles names have been created to offer a fun way to express your candle love.